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We will be guiding you in choosing the best design, materials, colours and finishes for a beautiful and well-designed bathroom. We, at Cabinets Pakenham, have an experienced team that can do exactly just that. We can make bathrooms the most breath-taking, customized, and well-designed in Melbourne. It will make morning rush hours less stressful and is a good place to relax after a hard day’s work. And knowing which mistakes to avoid will also save you a lot of money.

Among the things that you should consider when building a good bathroom is how to fully utilise the space in it. You should also decide which are of the house should the bathroom go, and what design, practically and aesthetically, are you in favour of doing.

You may refer to the checklist below to know about issues that you need to consider to make sure that your bathroom or master bedroom ensuite is both enjoyable and functional.

things to consider with a new bathroom

When clutter is left behind in a room without enough storage space, things may look quite messy. You should make use of your bathroom as a space that can effectively store all your items and equipment, including your hair products, dyer, makeup, and a few other personal necessities.

  • Instead of doors, you may also use accessible vanity drawers to store your toiletries and medicines
  • Doors under the sink may be utilised as storage of cleaning supplies, which also keeps them out of sight
  • Open shelves with wicker baskets are also a good place to store your towels, and not just as a decoration
  • You can also make use of floor storage if possible
  • Where there is exposed plumbing and wall mounted sink you can visually open up small bathrooms using open cabinetry
  • Use lighter colour pallet to expand the room, you may use neutral colours and natural minerals for a classic look
  • Have a mirror reflect the longest wall to make the room look wider
  • Use a curb-less shower to make the bathroom look bigger, and feel cleaner
  • Seeing the toilet first when entering the bathroom is not always advisable
  • Use stylish electric towel rails to hang soggy damp towels
  • Have heating installed before getting the floors tiled to avoid cold floor tiles
  • You can always have a smaller master bedroom, and a separate en suite
  • If you only have little space available, it’s more functional to have your toilet room, sink and shower separated
  • If you have a bathroom that connects with a shared space such as your living room or kitchen, avoid having the toilet in your direct line of sight
  • If you do not have a window that’s directed outside, having a ventilation fan is important
  • Poor ventilation due to prolonged use of the bathroom for long hot showers would often cause high humidity, damp towels, swelling vanity cupboards, as well as mould and mildew problems
  • The direction of the vent should be on the outside of the building. Be extra careful if the steam vents into the attic space.
  • Wire the switch for the light and ventilation fan into one
  • Instead of porous materials for your cabinets and vanity, use materials that are moisture-resistant, for the reduction of expansion, rot, or discolouration over time
  • Be sure that you seal porous stone like travertine marble and hardwood if you are using them. Also be careful of soft-wood, non-waterproof MDF, particle board and fabric.
  • Consider the use of non-slip tiles and mats
  • To go along the smooth ceramic and stone tiles you can opt to have invisible non-slip coating applied
  • You’ll be needing a good light source for your personal hygiene such as shaving, waxing, applying of makeup and hair styling
  • You may use pot lighting in the ceiling for an ambient light
  • Install task lights on either side of the mirror to lighten your face evenly, and remove shadows
  • Add an accent lighting to accentuate the features of your bathroom
  • Capture natural light with the use of a skylight all while maintaining your privacy

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